Grand Prizes

Second Place


First Place


Third Place

All Grand Prize winning teams will receive a Lulzbot 3D printer and will have the option of printing their designs on Stratasys 3D printers by AET

Sponsored Prizes


Most Innovative Hack

Are you an innovator? Do you have an idea which could make life easier, simpler or better? We want you to use your imagination, to think creatively. This is a chance to ask “What if?” or even build a fun example of what this might look like. Judges will evaluate the projects and pitches based on their build quality (how awesome it is), engineering (does it work), and entrepreneurship (how was it pitched and what is its real-world potential). Good luck!

Prizes: Amazon Echo, Fitbit, Bluetooth Headphones for each team member


Best Machine Learning Hack

Prizes: GoPro Hero 7 Black and $250 in Paperspace Credit per team member


Create an innovative IoT hack that incorporates 2 or more Twilio products

Prizes: Arduino MKR 1400 + Twilio SIM, Ball of Whacks, Backpacks, Google Home per team member


Best Design Demonstrating Xilinx PYNQ Technology

Winning team that demonstrates best use of PYNQ framework.

Prizes: Pynq-Z2 board per team member

Jane Street

Functional + Functional

The winning team will receive a keyboard, and the prize will be awarded to teams that built products that work, and for which we would like to see in the real world with bonus points for demonstrating the value of functional programming.

Prizes: Keyboards - Constructed by hand with the help of a few Jane Street engineers. The code on the bottom of the boards represents Jane Street’s three-circle logo. To see more about what went into the building of these keyboards read their blogpost!


Most Impactful Problem to Solve in the Healthcare Domain

Does the idea your are working on solve a significant, difficult real-world problem in the Healthcare domain? Does the work during the event demonstrate that your approach could be developed into a real, working solution?

Prizes: Sonicare toothbrush for each team member

Righthand Robotics

Best Use of Takkstrips

RightHand Robotics makes highly sensitive tactile sensors called TakkStrips. There are several available for hackers to use. We will be awarding a prize to the team that makes the best use of the TakkStrips in their project.

Prizes: $100 Amazon gift card